Who are the Keepers of the Keys?


It seems like those with the most resources are. They control so much. But we can’t let the assessment stop there. What we sometimes fail to recognize is the power we wield in our numbers and in our common goals of peace for ourselves and our kin. We do not find peace behind a locked door, merely bondage. It turns out that those that carry the keys are many times also those that wield the iron. They that have access to the locked places do not enjoy true freedom. Nobody wins. They may think they are winning because they have the keys…or are striving to procure and sustain greater means.

When I embarked on my own life-changing journey at the age of 28, I soon learned where I could find sovereignty. I had yielded the key to the job that would never be taken from me. I gave up the vehicle that I worked so hard to procure. I had a yard sale and culled my belongings. I let my lease run out on my apartment and stored my remaining stuff in a friend’s attic. Each motion to strip myself of responsibilities meant another key returned to it’s Keeper. By the time I loaded my friend’s car to meet the train with a guitar and backpack, I realized my key ring was empty. I was keyless. And I was as light as a child with no care or understanding of a world full of obligation.

People thought I was crazy giving up a secure, well-paying job. They marveled that I had not changed my mind. They thought me to be foolish, selfish even. They assured me that I would fail to find what I was looking for. How could they know? I didn’t even know what I was looking for. All I knew was I needed to answer this calling.

My Saturn returning, the celestial taskmaster, was asking me to figure out what the real “Work” is. The Work, turns out, is not the daily grind…the routine bloodletting for someone else with more keys. It is Joseph Campbell’s Bliss, the Path of Passion that leads to everything we actually need to fill us up and simultaneously keep us buoyant in a society that would grind us into dust as fast as it can, for as long as we allow, because there is always someone else in line to take up the yoke should we break.

So I walked. Miles and miles of ground I had never set foot on. I took bus, train and even U-haul across the country. I found myself in a city on the other side of my world, walking across the Golden Gate. The entirety of the continental US lay as a bridge between bridges, New York to San Francisco. I crossed the suspension and everything was different. I was stripped down to who I am and what I believed versus what I do and who I serve.

It was there that I met my passion, my gift…the medium that would change my life, chart my new path and never leave me. It was in the Bay that I met Her. What a Love. It was like coming home. There, on the other side of the country far away from my familiar stomping grounds. She was waiting for me all that time, watching my grandmother drill my hands with all manner of needlecraft. She witnessed my middle school ventures into woodworking. She noted my Observer’s eye and measured my approach. She understood the sorrow I felt pursuing a degree that left little room for any studio arts electives. But she shared my enjoyment of these expressive moments while witnessing the boxed and caged forms, unhallowed and hollow, that emerging through my hands. I finally found her by way of whimsy…on a walk, as a passerby, open and allowing. Beginner wheel throwing. Three words never murmured so sweetly. I sat down at the wheel and I realized I would never leave her.

Perhaps if we refuse to be tethered…if we learn to view worth and living as peaceful passion in being, maybe those with the keys will realize the futility of guarding an empty castle, that their win-lose game is not one any of us care to play. It may be overly optimistic to believe the white-knuckle attitudes of the KeyMasters will soften. Regardless, we can dance beyond the gate and find our calling under the din of false longing. We are the keepers of the Master Keys. We can feed the hole with reverence for the luck we have at being here on this earth with each other. We can feel the soft click of the Universe catching our deep intention, opening all the pathways to the keyless travelers.